mpv script to customize random playlist song selection
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Simple mpv script to easily customize random playlist song selection.


Every file initially has a 'rating' of 1. Using the upvote/downvote keybindings, the rating of the currently playing file can be multiplied by 1.1 or 0.9. In RBS mode (activated by another keybinding), a new file is randomly chosen (chance [rating]/[files in playlist]) after playback of any file is completed.

Installation and configuration

Place ratings-based-shuffle.lua in your ~/.config/mpv/scripts.

Copy ratings-based-shuffle.conf into ~/.config/mpv/script-opts and adjust the option values: set directory to the location of the files you want to play. Ratings will be saved in the file specified by ratings_file. Example:


Set up the keybindings in your input.conf (usually located in ~/.config/mpv):

Alt+r script-message RBS-init
Alt+UP script-message RBS-upvote
Alt+DOWN script-message RBS-downvote

Technical details

In the ratings_file, files and associated ratings are stored:

	"/home/username/Music/BigPlaylist/Topic/Directory/Song Name.mp3":1.100000,
	"/home/username/Music/BigPlaylist/Another topic/LoremIpsum.mp3":0.810000


Add a mode where songs only repeat after playing ~75% of all available files (has to be persisted across mpv runs).