Noise parameters to reduce flooded caves in amplified generation
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Amplified world generation without excessive flooded caves

This datapack changes Minecraft's noise parameters to remove flooded caves in amplified world generation. It achieves this by increasing the terrain density (= more stone/dirt) around y=46, which cuts off most surface water from the cave systems. It shouldn't make it harder to find caves since some seemingly ignore the inital density generation.


Download the .zip and save it in your datapacks directory.


Vanilla affected by MC-241283 With this datapack
vanilla fixed

Or a three-way comparison:

Normal Amplified Amplified (fixed)
normal amplified fixed

As you can see, some flooding near the surface remains. I believe that can be corrected by tweaking the y level of my fix, but that will also lead to more terrain changes.

Technical details

"initial_density_without_jaggedness": {
    "type": "minecraft:add",
    "argument1": {
        "type": "minecraft:mul",
        "argument1": 10.0,
        "argument2": {
            "type": "minecraft:min",
            "argument1": {
                "type": "minecraft:y_clamped_gradient",
                "from_value": 1.0,
                "from_y": 46,
                "to_value": 0.0,
                "to_y": 50
            "argument2": {
                "type": "minecraft:y_clamped_gradient",
                "from_value": 0.0,
                "from_y": 42,
                "to_value": 1.0,
                "to_y": 46
    "argument2": {
        vanilla noise expression

Removing all flooded caves

It is also possible to remove normal flooded caves by decreasing the fluid_level_floodedness noise.


amplified_fixed by FliegendeWurst is licensed under CC BY 4.0

data/minecraft/worldgen/noise_settings/amplified.json was derived from Minecraft 1.20.2, the license only applies to the changes outlined above.