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Download content from ILIAS. That includes:

  • files
  • exercise sheets and solutions
  • Opencast lectures
  • forum posts


Windows/Linux users: go to the releases and download the executable for your operating system.

macOS users: Install Rust:

$ curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

and compile from source:

$ cargo install --all-features --git 'https://github.com/FliegendeWurst/KIT-ILIAS-downloader'


First, open a terminal. Navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded binary.

Then execute the program (use -o <directory> to specify the download directory):

$ KIT-ILIAS-downloader -o ./ILIAS

By default, only content on your personal desktop will be downloaded.
Use the --sync-url option to download a specific page and its sub-pages: (the URL should be copied from an ILIAS link, not the browser URL bar)

$ KIT-ILIAS-downloader -o ./ILIAS/WS2021-HM1 --sync-url 'https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/ilias.php?ref_id=1276968&cmdClass=ilrepositorygui&cmdNode=uk&baseClass=ilRepositoryGUI'


KIT-ILIAS-downloader 0.3.5

    KIT-ILIAS-downloader [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --output <output>

        --all                 Download all courses
        --check-videos        Re-check OpenCast lectures (slow)
        --combine-videos      Combine videos if there is more than one stream (requires ffmpeg)
        --content-tree        Use content tree (experimental)
    -f                        Re-download already present files
    -t, --forum               Download forum content
    -h, --help                Prints help information
        --keep-session        Attempt to re-use session cookies
        --keyring             Use the system keyring
    -n, --no-videos           Do not download Opencast videos
        --save-ilias-pages    Save overview pages of ILIAS courses and folders
    -s, --skip-files          Do not download files
    -V, --version             Prints version information
    -v                        Verbose logging

    -j, --jobs <jobs>              Parallel download jobs [default: 1]
    -o, --output <output>          Output directory
        --pass-path <pass-path>    Path inside `pass(1)` to the password for your KIT account
    -P, --password <password>      KIT account password
    -p, --proxy <proxy>            Proxy, e.g. socks5h://
        --rate <rate>              Requests per minute [default: 8]
        --sync-url <sync-url>      ILIAS page to download
    -U, --username <username>      KIT account username


.gitignore syntax can be used in a .iliasignore file: (located in the output directory)

# example 1: only download a single course
# example 2: only download files related to one tutorial
!/Course/Tutorien/Tut* 3/


You can use the --user and --keyring options to get/store the password using the system password store:

$ KIT-ILIAS-downloader -U uabcd --keyring [...]

If you use pass, you can use the --pass-path option to specify which password store entry to use:

$ KIT-ILIAS-downloader -U uabcd --pass-path edu/kit/uskyk [...]

You can also save your username and password in a .iliaslogin file: (located in the output folder)


When running the downloader multiple times in a short period of time, you may want to use the --keep-session flag. If specified, the downloader will save and restore session cookies (.iliassession file in the output directory).

Renaming course names (0.2.24+)

If you'd like to avoid unwieldy course names (e.g. "24030 Programmierparadigmen"), you can create a course_names.toml file in the output directory. It should contain the desired mapping of course names to folder names, e.g.:

"24030  Programmierparadigmen" = "ProPa"
"Numerische Mathematik  für die Fachrichtungen Informatik und Ingenieurwesen" = "Numerik"


Error when using --keyring option

PlatformFailure(Zbus(MethodError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", Some("The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files"), Msg { type: Error, sender: "org.freedesktop.DBus", reply-serial: 2, body: Signature: [
        s (115),
] })))

If you get the above error when activating the --keyring option, you need to make sure that your system keyring service (KeePassXC, GNOME Keyring, ...) is running.

Other useful programs